noosa yoghurt

In 2008, an unmarked tub landed on my desk with a lone passionfruit and directions to squeeze it into the yoghurt. Mysterious. I'd never seen a passionfruit. I did as told, and tasted the most creamy, delectable treat known to Earth. A synergistic relationship was born. Noosa's founder and I worked closely together to develop the name, logo, look and feel, packaging and the online experience. Our collaboration allowed a truly unique brand essence to bubble up, and a lovable brand emerged. 

We used short, fat, clear tubs to show off the gorgeous product and to stand out on shelf. In some stores, the tubs didn't fit on the shelves, so the product had to be moved to end caps and to promotional areas. We felt so bad about that. (Not!)


The noosa logo had to work hard —  bold enough to sit on top of a clear yoghurt tub, playful and warm like the brand's personality.
Can you find the hidden heart?